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La Dolcekca Bakery Cafe

La Dolcekca Bakery Café is a versatile place where you can find a variety of international pastries fresh made every day. You can also order from the most simple or extravagant cake. Come over and enjoy a hot or cold cup of coffee with family or friends.

La Dolcekca

Our delicious selection

Custom Cakes

Baked with natural ingredient

Central Decoration

The design used on the top of a cake.

Top Border

A continuous decoration used around the top of a cake.

Side Trim

Decorations used around the sides of a cake.

Greeting Message

The message written or decoration on the cake top.

Filling & Cake

This is the main item of your dish, your prima donna.

Botton Border

A continuous decoration used around the base of a cake.


Choose your combo & order now!

  • breakfast
  • waffle

Waffle Combo $13.00

Waffle Combo

  • bacon
  • breakfast
  • cheese
  • egg
  • Turkey

Turkey Bacon Egg & Cheese $13.00

Turkey Bacon Egg & Cheese

  • bacon
  • breakfast
  • cheese
  • egg

Bacon Egg & Cheese $13.00

Bacon Egg & Cheese

  • breakfast
  • toast

French Toast Bites $12.00

French Toast Bites

  • breakfast
  • chicken
  • waffles

Chicken & Waffles $15.00

Chicken & Waffles

  • chimi
  • sandwich

Chimi $15.00


  • cheese
  • sandwich

Chop Cheese $15.00

Chop Cheese

  • beef
  • sandwich

Beefless Beef CC $15.00

Beefless Beef CC

  • breakfast
  • sandwich
  • steak

Steak Sandwich $15.00

Steak Sandwich

  • chipotle
  • salmon
  • sandwich

Salmon Chipotle $17.00

Salmon Chipotle

  • cheeseburguer

Cheeseburger $14.00


  • cajun
  • chicken
  • pasta

Cajun Pasta Chicken $17.00

Cajun Pasta Chicken

  • cajun
  • pasta
  • salmon

Cajun Pasta Salmon $22.00

Cajun Pasta Salmon

  • empanadas

Empanadas $4.00


  • salad

Seasonal Salad $12.00

Seasonal Salad

  • chicken
  • fries
  • wings

Chicken Wings & Fries $15.00

Chicken Wings & Fries


Choose what you want, select a pick up time

As well known and we are very busy all days advice you. Advice you to call us of before arriving, so we can guarantee your meal ready to go.


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It serves sweet and savory bites with international flair


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